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14k yellow gold band wrapped raw crystal diamond earrings, gold band in center of crystal

Authentic natural Alaska gemstone earrings with 14k yellow gold bands


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Presenting to you these authentic hand crafted earrings with elegant 14k yellow gold band design adorning you with a rare gem mined in the Alaskan Arctic by true Alaskans. Over three carats total.  Natural Alaska jewelry at its best coming to you from a far away place. Our mining practices are environmentally sound done by hand on small scale to preserve the delicate and pristine land where these crystals were formed. Authentic gemstones with no treatments just pure raw crystals fresh from the Alaskan mountains far above the Arctic circle. All natural Alaska Crystal Diamond jewelry makes a perfect gift for that someone in your life that is special, appreciating such a rare piece of jewelry so close to nature and so pure in origin.



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