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Mine owner standing next to helicopter ready to travel to mining site in arctic Alaska. Blue sky with small white puffy clouds in background.
Ready for travel to mine site

Welcome to our small, family-owned and operated business! The purpose of this site is to offer to you the absolute best crystal diamond jewelry on the web at the lowest prices possible. All gemstones sold on this website are from our personally owned and operated mine in Arctic Alaska, over 100 miles north of the Arctic circle. We have traveled the world to find a jeweler with over 40 years experience and highly respected in the industry to set our stones both raw and cut into sturdy, handcrafted works of art. Chris Robuck with the Alaska Mint in Anchorage, Alaska recently appraised one of our rings and has this to say about it. “The setting on this ring is second to none.” At this time the crystals are mined by the owner himself, alone by hand. He knows each stone intricately, selecting only the finest crystals for cutting and setting into rings. We offer 100% natural authentic gemstones with no treatment, no negative energies. Do not be fooled by other gemstone jewelry sold in Alaska but not mined or even made here. Each and every piece of jewelry we sell comes with a certificate of authenticity to show proof of origin of our Alaska Crystal Diamonds. If there is a design you would like us to copy and set our stones into for you, just send us a photo or sketch and we will be glad to give an estimate of cost and time to have produced.

Faceted Alaska Crystal Diamond
Star cut Alaska Crystal Diamond

Alaskan Arctic Stones, LLC

1619 Sawmill Creek Road, #11 • Sitka, Alaska 99835