Extremely Rare Alaska Crystal Diamonds

raw alaska crystal diamond fresh out of the ground sparkling in sunshine lying on grey colored rock
Just out of the ground

They are quartz crystals possessing exceptional energy, clarity, and radiance, found only in a very small and extremely isolated area of the Alaskan Arctic. These crystals are double-terminated — points at both ends. The conditions at this precise area on the planet have provided the environment for this. Nowhere else is found an identical gemstone.

They have 18 facets: six upper, six middle, and six lower. They also come in many other shapes and colors, all equally rare. This type of unique and special gemstone crystal was originally named a “Herkimer”, when discovered in Herkimer County, New York, in the early 1800s. Other crystals with like qualities have been found in Tibet, China, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, and India, and are usually described as “Herkimer Diamonds”. For the most part, each of these areas produce a high quality diamond-like crystal. In no way do we wish to denigrate the beauty and concentrated energy Earth has provided that is contained within these other stones. They have their own distinct elegance and vibration.

What makes our crystal diamonds unique is their location. Added to the pristine environment in which they have been formed, there is a difference in the quality of light coming from the sun; it is refracted to a greater degree. In other words, in the Arctic (and Antarctic) sunlight bends more dramatically as it passes through the atmosphere. This causes the light to contain more blue and violet than it does as you move from the poles towards the equator. All crystals are formed within the Earth.

However, our crystals are found on the very surface and also within loose material only one to three feet underground. A large thrust fault in the past pushed a crystal formation towards the surface. This—combined with glacial movement, plus wind and water erosion—has caused the crystals in this relatively small area to be exposed for a very long time to natural sunlight. At a minimum, this would be at least several hundreds of years, if not many thousands.


14 carat white gold traditional engagement ring with seven round brilliant cut Alaska crystal diamonds in beautiful setting
High energy engagement ring

It is well known that crystals hold frequencies. It is also well known that a primary way to strengthen the natural properties of crystals is to expose them to sunlight for a day or two. They absorb the frequencies coming from the sun, hold them much like a battery, and continually emanate them over time.

What we call ‘colors’ are simply different sets of electromagnetic frequencies contained within visible light. Each set—the myriad shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple—possesses its own specific potential to affect our physical world.

An example of this is certain sets of frequencies (shades) within the yellow portion of light are needed for the growth of plants, trees and flowers. And certain frequencies within the green spectrum are needed for the existence of algae, a major food source for fish.

The myriad sets of frequencies contained within visible light also have tremendous effect on humans. This is due to our bodies being charged with electrical energies. An excellent book on this is The Body Electric. It details the importance of the electrical aspect of the human body, including how the interior of each cell is positively charged, while the exterior maintains a negative charge.

These electrical energies in and around each of our cells are affected by the frequencies contained within light. If you hold a tuning fork designed to vibrate with the note middle-C on the musical scale, let’s say, and you play that note on a piano, the tuning fork will begin to vibrate. It is the same with the cells in our body. They will begin vibrating, or functioning, at a higher rate when encountering an external stimulus that matches the cell’s natural frequency.


cluster of raw Alaska crystal diamonds reflecting the bright sun light while being held in miners hand
Raw crystal diamonds

Sound frequencies can be a tremendous stimulator of the cells in our body. They can also have a very profound effect on our feelings and the quality of our thoughts. However, light is the greatest of external stimulators. Aspects of the blue spectrum are known to assist with healing, mental balance (1), self-expression, and creative power(2). Within the purple spectrum is the ability to enhance intuition, inspiration and imagination, strengthen our ability to be compassionate, and expand our sense of oneness with life.

Our crystal diamonds emanate these two spectrums—the blue and the purple—to a degree that is far beyond the norm. The potential benefits from this, as outlined above, are numerous, very dynamic, and become available to those who wear any of our Alaska Crystal Diamonds.

1 Mental Balance: clarity of what is being perceived in the moment without interference from what may have been  experienced or perceived in the past
2 Creative Power: the ability to express ourselves without concern for the acceptance of others

Abundance of life and beauty

Large red fox with enormous tail close to mine site searching for food being curious
Fox with enormous tail close to the mine

Animal life abounds in the area of the mine and throughout the entire region. Besides the hundreds of thousands of caribou migrating through this land each summer, searching for food and escaping the ever insistent mosquitoes, there are plenty of grizzly bears, moose, musk ox, wolves, fox, ptarmigan (game bird in the grouse family) and more.

Wildflowers also abound in the area. They come in many different forms, with incredible fragrances, and from a distance form a mosaic of colourful swaths that blanket sections of the land.

The overall scenery is spectacular. There are views of mountains and rivers in all directions. Hundreds of butterflies fill the air, and the rivers are teaming with arctic grayling, which are easy to catch and great to eat.

As extreme as the elements are in this region, and as difficult as it is to cope with them even in the summer, it is astounding to find such beauty and abundance of life in so many forms.

Weather at the mine

Helicopter dropping off supplies to mining camp on mountain ridgetop in arctic Alaska
Helicopter re-supplying camp

This is the land of extremes.

The crystals are frozen under snow and ice for most of the year except for a few months in the summer. This makes the mining season very short.

Temperatures will easily go to -50 (F) during the winter and down to 100 below when the winds are howling. Even in the summer, snow and sleet come frequently along with heavy rains, flash flooding, strong winds, thick fog, and swarms of mosquitos.

After a few weeks of this, alone with only my dog, I have more than once questioned my sanity. This is no place for a weak heart, mind, or body. I wonder, at times, how it is even possible to be doing it.

Non-conflict diamonds

Canadian diamond mine

The term “non-conflict diamonds” are those that have been mined without the use of child labor or the shedding of human blood. The “non-conflict” portion of this term, however, excludes the fact that diamond mines can cause large-scale environmental destruction; many of these mines are enormous open pits in the earth, much like a crater, and are so large they can be seen from space. Carving out huge pock marks on the planet in this way creates an obvious “conflict” with Nature.

Canada, for example, has several of these mines. They are located in the sub-Arctic region of the Northwest Territories, one of the most pristine areas on Earth. No child labor is being used and no one is being killed, as occurs in Africa. This allows these mining operations to promote their diamonds as being “non-conflict”. Though, not being admitted is the massive environmental destruction necessary for these types of mines to operate.

(Photos of these mines are on the right.)

From our perspective, the term “non-conflict” means the following:

  • Respect for all life
  • Compassion
  • Balance
  • Right relationship
  • Living within Natural Law
  • Responsibility for all actions

Based on this, our intention is to supply gemstones that are energetically pure, holding no resonance of conflict.

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